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Mercari India Dev Meetup #02 Mobile

Mar 06, 2023


Hello, everyone! My name is Kayo and I am responsible for Mercari India’s Employer Branding. On January 21st, we held the 2nd online meet-up in Mercari India. Over 30 members participated and we received many questions and comments. I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to be with us!

This is a summary of the Mercari India online meet-up. The main purpose of the meet-up was to introduce Mercari Group’s Mobile Team. In this article, I’d like to share the presentation materials and a recording of the event. These materials have more information about each of the teams at Mercari India,  so if you’re interested, please check it out!

What is the Mobile Team’s role at the company?

Over the past 2 years, the Mobile Development Team at Mercari has leveraged cutting-edge technology to completely redesign the Mercari marketplace apps for iOS, Android, and Web. We are now embarking on an even more exciting phase of Mercari’s growth, where we will continue to expand the service through our advanced technological capabilities.

Making Mercari’s Business and Ecosystem Sustainable: Our Journey to Creating GroundUp App, a Project More Colossal Than Anything We Have Done Before | Mercan

This phase will bring many opportunities for engineers interested in using advanced tech to enhance productivity. This will also be a great opportunity for anyone who is eager to contribute to design systems, accessibility features, dark mode and other such cutting-edge innovations.

Technical challenges are synonymous with growth for an engineer, so we expect that this next phase will offer the ultimate development experience for engineers looking to take on these types of challenges!

The content that was presented at the meetup can be found here:

This slide was part of the presentation that introduced the Mobile Team. A recording of the event can be viewed from the link below.
Mercari India Mobile Meetup / Youtube

Right now, we are actively recruiting members for the Mobile Team. If you one of the available positions seems right for you and you are thinking about joining the team at Mercari India, please apply through the hiring page linked below! (Note that job postings are subject to change.)
Mercari India Career Page

Keep an eye out for more articles from Mercari India and about what Mercari Group is up to. All of the latest Mercari updates and information get posted to our official LinkedIn, so please give us a follow there!
Mercari India Linkedin Page

We’re also actively holding offline events at our office locations and sponsoring tech community events, so there is lots of opportunity to meet in person as well. I hope to see you all at the next meet-up!

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