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Event Report: Round Table Conference on GenAI

Feb 29, 2024


We hosted a round table conference on generative AI at Mercari India on February 23rd in association with The Fifth Elephant community. The event was aimed to get the insights from some of the great minds working in the space and also share and popularize the initiatives that Mercari is working on in the field of Generative AI.


We were joined by over 20 participants, including CxO’s of multiple startups, Heads of Generative AI verticals, and renowned industry experts that made the event a huge success. Mercari’s participation was represented by Yuki ISHIKAWA and Vish Magapu along with Sharma RAJESH and Vaibhav Khurana

Highlights from the Conference

  • The participants were welcomed by the India Centre head Vish Magapu.
  • Everyone in the room participated in discussion on How GenAI is solving things for them and the greatest fears they see of the new tech.
  • Great product initiatives were shared on how people were solving real life problems using GenAI. The utilities varied from industries related to Genome Analysis to empowering creative minds to generate a Comic.
  • Discussions on how Generative AI was helping phone manufacturers to improve the picture qualities of their products.
  • The panel had an active discussion on the Future of AI technologies, the viability in terms of cost and the ROI with pointers that the current cost of GenAI is not great in comparison to the low cost labor market.
  • Amongst all the positive impact of the technology everyone discussed what impact it might have on the existing job market. While everyone reckoned that it might have some changes in the current roles but everyone was optimistic that it will lead to a more dynamic skill set in the future.
  • The discussion also went in the direction of when it makes sense to train your own LLM models versus use the APIs of the providers in the space. It went on to be a great discussion and definitely gave some good insights to all the participants. 
  • While all the discussions were great and streamlined, it also gave an opportunity for everyone in the room to network in the past and leave with great connections and avenues to collaborate in future.

If you are interested in learning about Mercari’s efforts in Generative AI, please visit this page / Mercari AI

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