Mercari India


Building an ecosystem 
millions can buy and sell

Mercari is a continuously growing ecosystem that involves multiple services. It started with Japan’s largest C2C marketplace, which has since expanded into 100+ countries through cross-border sales from Japan. The fintech business forms the other half of the ecosystem, providing Mercari users multiple ways to use their earned balance to pay for things, even in cryptocurrencies starting in 2023.


Largest C2C marketplace in Japan

Mercari is a C2C marketplace app allowing anyone with a smartphone to easily sell items they no longer need, providing a new and unique user experience. As our service is catered to individuals on both the buying and selling sides, anyone can experience the fun of easily selling unneeded items for money and the excitement of finding unique secondhand items to buy.


A mobile payment service that can be used within the Mercari Marketplace app.

This service enables users to utilize their Mercari sales balance, funds added to their Merpay balance from their regular bank account or the BNPL. Merpay Smart Payments service to pay for purchases at physical stores and online with their smartphone.
The recently-released Mercard, a new and flexible type of credit card, provides Merpay users even more freedom when choosing how to make payments and great benefits with its unique loyalty program offering point back at high percentages.


An e-commerce platform that will allow anyone to easily establish their own online shop using their smartphone

Using the same simple operation as when listing an item on Mercari, Mercari Shops allows anyone to have their very own shop on the Mercari app and enjoy access to over 20 million monthly active users without the need to build their own customer base.


Plan and develop services related to crypto assets and blockchain technologies.

We aim to make it even easier for users to utilize financial services within Mercari, such as by allowing users to receive payment for Mercari sales in bitcoin and providing a single wallet function that incorporates not only Merpay’s payment and remittance services, but credit, crypto assets, and asset management features as well.


We started our business in the US in April 2014, and we adapted our branding, improved our UI/UX, and created a delivery network to match local preferences and the characteristics of the US market. We recognize that succeeding in the US, with its enormous and diverse population, is an important milestone to achieving our mission, so that is where are devoting our energy.