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Tips for the document screening and interviews

Document screening

  • We don’t specify a particular format for your resume and/or other documents. Please summarize your personal/career history concisely. (You don’t need to submit both a resume and a CV.)
  • You may include whatever you would like in the document(s) you provide. However, to help us understand you better and ensure we’re all on the same page regarding expectations, we recommend that you include what businesses and projects you’ve worked with, what your roles were, and what results you achieved, as well as the goals and vision you’d like to accomplish at Mercari.
  • Please submit your application in either English or Japanese. Note that some positions may require a specific language. In that case, we may specify which language to use when applying.
  • For some positions, such as designers, we may ask for a portfolio of past work.


  • Mercari interviews applicants to determine three things: enthusiasm toward Mercari’s mission, embodiment of our values, and culture fit. We believe having a shared belief in Mercari’s and Merpay’s missions and being able to embody our values to achieve those missions are very important parts of working at Mercari. In the interviews, we will ask questions to learn about your past experience and whether Mercari is the right place to demonstrate your skills.
  • Telling us how you think you can utilize your past experience here at Mercari and what kind of opportunities to push yourself we can offer will help both sides get an understanding of whether the position is a good fit for you. We recommend asking about these points in your interviews.
  • At Mercari, we recommend using the STAR method, an interview technique that helps you go into detail about your past actions. We want to get a thorough understanding of your experience and skills by asking interview questions about specific situations, tasks, actions, and results.

We recommend using the STAR method

We recommend using the STAR method


Not sure about something?

Selection process

  • In principle, the hiring process is conducted online, but we will consider holding in-person interviews at the office upon the candidate’s request and depending on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • You can apply for the same position again, but only after one year has passed since your last application. If you would like to apply for a different position, you can do so at any time.

  • You can apply for multiple positions at the same time. However, you can only pass through to the next step in the process for (at most) one position. If you aren’t sure which position to apply for, please say so on your application, and we’ll help you find the most appropriate position.

  • We do hold many different kinds of events here at Mercari. For information on events, see Mercari’s official Meetup page or Mercari India’s Linkedin page.

  • After you apply, we will do a document screening. If you pass the document screening, you will move on to a technical test (only for some positions), then interviews (typically 2–3 interviews; potentially more if necessary). After passing the interview stage, you will receive an offer.
    *We may conduct a reference check in the middle of the selection process.
    *We may invite you to meet other Mercari members in the middle of the selection process to help you understand more about Mercari’s culture and values.
    *Refer to this page for more information about the Selection.

  • The required years of experience are meant to correspond to “equivalent years of experience.” If someone demonstrates the potential for high-caliber performance through their past experience, the hiring team may keep them in consideration and have them proceed to the selection process. If the employee who referred the candidate vouches for them, the hiring team will try their best to arrange a casual meeting with the candidate in order to understand whether their experience matches Mercari.

  • Interviews usually take around 30 to 60 minutes. We may ask you to meet with two or more Mercari employees in one interview. If we expect your interview to go over the usual time, your HR contact will notify you in advance.

  • In-person interviews will be held at our office in Bangalore. For some types of work, or due to other circumstances, the interview might be held somewhere else entirely. Please check the email from your hiring representative for details.


  • Yes. We call our unique way of working the Flexible Hybrid Workstyle, which gives employees the flexibility to blend both in-office and work-from-home (WFH) workstyles. This enables employees to be more adaptable in getting their work done regardless of their schedules or locations. You can consult with your manager to decide together the optimal frequency for working from the office. In order to build a strong and highly-engaged organization in India, we strongly encourage everyone to work from our Bangalore offices, especially during the initial setup phase. Recruitment will take place throughout India, but candidates will be encouraged to work in Bangalore.

  • Mercari India provides one-time relocation assistance for employees who need to relocate after receiving new employment with us or due to a transfer within India (business need). All full-time employees who join Mercari India are eligible for this benefit, subject to confirmation by HR.

  • No. Mercari will continue to evaluate employees by looking at Value and Output based on the grade definitions.

Working at Mercari

  • In the initial stages, members in the India office are expected to work closely with Mercari Japan teams. We expect all the offices to understand the constraints and time zone differences to accommodate each other. As we expand, the idea is to have independent teams in India that will work on Mercari Japan/US services or future services/products in any other region.

  • Mercari members work on a flextime schedule (no core time).

  • New Mercari members are assigned a mentor over the initial three-month onboarding period. The mentor is responsible for supporting the new member, to help them maximize their performance after joining the company. In addition to supporting the member’s regular work tasks, the mentor is also responsible for helping the member build relationships with other team members.

  • Yes. We call our unique way of working the Flexible Hybrid Workstyle, which gives employees the flexibility to blend both in-office and work-from-home (WFH) workstyles. This enables employees to be more adaptable in getting their work done regardless of their schedules or locations. You can consult with your manager to decide together the optimal frequency for working from the office.

  • Mercari provides employees in engineering positions with the latest Mac OS laptop in whatever specs you’d like, and employees in non-engineering positions with the latest high-spec PCs.
    *We may propose certain devices for you depending on your position.

  • Mercari offers a variety of programs catered to employees’ individual careers and skills. We also have study sessions and other events hosted by individuals and teams, creating many opportunities for employees to learn from each other.

  • There is no universal salary. Salaries will be offered based on an individual’s skills and ability to demonstrate our values. Internally, grades and expectations are adjusted based on the Engineering Career Ladder, as well as the individual’s performance and output. If you have a friend you would like to refer and who is interested in Mercari but concerned about the salary, HR is happy to have a casual conversation with them.

  • Employees may be given the opportunity depending on the company’s business direction and the team the employee belongs to.

  • Mercari recruits applicants for long-term internships. We do have interns that use long breaks to work full-time at Mercari. If you’re interested, please apply!

Benefits and perks

  • Mercari India grants 18 days of earned leave and 6 days of sick leave per year.
    Other benefits provided include casual leave, company-paid holidays, bereavement leave, COVID leave, medical leave, and wedding leave.

  • Mercari has the following systems to support employees in major life events:
    – Support for working from home
    – Relocation assistance
    – Earned leave and sick leave
    – Casual leave, company-paid holidays, bereavement leave, COVID leave, medical leave and wedding leave
    – Meal card
    – Learning programs
    – Healthcare & insurance
    – Childbirth and childcare leaves
    For more details, see the following page: Life at Mercari